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The historic New Inn is being brought back to life by Nick and Tracey Else who have vowed it will be a "traditional, proper locals' pub"

The village pub in South Somerset is being revived by new owners. Nick and Tracey Else, local greengrocers, have taken the reins and are currently refurbishing the historic building. Mr Else has vowed the pub will be a "traditional, proper locals' pub".

The New Inn, which was reputedly the first name given to a pub at the location hundreds of years ago. The doors opened on Friday 7th October 2022.


Nick and Tracey will be running the pub. 


Nick added: ”This will actually be the 49th pub that I have run, so you could say I’m quite experienced! The New Inn will be serving traditional pub food and drinks downstairs, and upstairs there is a restaurant with around 45 seats where we will be running special foodie nights and events.”

There is also a walled courtyard area at the back which will eventually have a bar and a pizza oven. 

However, this is currently under preparation and should be ready for next summer.

The pub will be called The New Inn, that name dates back to the 1600s anz`d was the original name of the pub. The story goes that the name was changed because at that time it didn't have rooms and therefore couldn't be called an 'inn’.

The return of the old name comes as the new pub will now have a number of letting rooms available. The New Inn will be the third pub in the heart of West Coker.

"We think there is massive demand for another pub in the village. We want to make The New Inn the centre of the community.


"We want everyone to feel welcome and we hope it will become a traditional, proper locals' pub. 


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